I plan to publish on this web site information related to three historical studies that I hope to complete in my retirement. They are:

  • A history of United Methodists in the life of North Dakota and South Dakota (U.S.A.).  (Chapters One and Two, We Are Yet Alive, is available in PDF.)

  • A reflection on religion and decentralization in the history of the United States

  • A biography of the friendship between my father, Edmund F. Perry, and Walpola Rahula, author of What the Buddha Taught.

I would like to be in conversation with anyone who finds any or all of these subjects interesting.

On my blog,  I will post news, thoughts, and prayers as well as information about my subjects.  I would benefit from your comments there.

The books and maps pages include images, citations, and links to material that I’m using in my work or forthcoming publications that seem to be related to my interests—and maybe your interests, too.

You may contact me by e-mail or via the contact page.

Stephen Perry